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We produce and export an extensive line of base spices powder, that are rich in all the required qualities of flavor, fragrance & much more. Our range of base powder is available at best prices in most attractive packaging.



Chaat masala is a mix of hot and tangy spice.The word chat is used for a collection of savory and highly spicy snacks that make you lick /smack your lips, sort of 'finger licking' good! "Asafoetida, mango powder, and black salt distinguish the chat masala from other masalas, giving the blend a sourness that makes it a welcome accompaniment to fresh fruit and other snacks. Fresh fruit often is sprinkled with lime juice and chat masala.

Use- That is used to spice up many snacks, salads, fruit salads, fruit juices, and some curries. Just sprinkle 1-2 tsp. on your fruit/vegetable salad,Add it to fried nuts, yoghurt and yoghurt dishes. You can use it in all sorts of Indian chat recipes. Add tangy taste to your pakodas- potato or banana or onion, by just sprinkling a little on it.Pinch of chat masala imparts a delicious taste to buttermilk.Sprinkle it on your bread-butter slice or dosa or corn/sprouts bhel for a tangy taste

Available in: 50gm and 100gm

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